Data science for buildings

Buildings bristling with and are surrounded by low-cost smart devices, occupants carrying or wearing smart devices, generate vast databases of operational and energy-related data, which you can mine for actionable insights. Just as cash registers in the 1970's and typewriters in the 1980's morphed into computers, just as phones and cars more recently morphed into computers, buildings now are morphing into computers. The result: new streams of valuable data to benefit building owners, property managers and tenants. The key: scientifically managing and processing this big data for business intelligence and cost savings.

As smart commercial buildings, smart industrial facilities and smart homes emit ever greater quantities of information about use of energy and their operations, we can help you organize, mine and visualize this data to make your facilities energy efficient, secure and scientifically maintained. Our goal is to make your buildings more profitable, with a higher level of services to occupants and lower operating costs.

As technology costs have declined, performance and standardization has improved for smart sensors and related hardware devices. Building automation has grown increasingly affordable for facilities of all kinds. Traditional software categories - such as CAFM, CMMS, BACS, GIS, BIM, FD&D - are converging in ways that require new software strategies. Moreover, the evolution of networks, wireless technologies, standards for data and hardware inter-operability, security and software as a service together make it increasingly feasible (better, faster, cheaper) for owners, managers and tenants to leverage new IT capabilities in building operations.