Waste not, want not

We believe in innovations that make our planet energy efficient and a better place to live. As tech costs fall and as standards mature, people expect new approaches to energy conservation and distributed generation. Now is the time to stop wasting so much energy. It's simply not sustainable for the USA, with 4.5% of global population, to continue to consume nearly 20% of the world's energy resources.

Science and technology can enable a brighter energy future. We can improve our standard of living while using fewer kWh of electricity, fewer Btu of natural gas, fewer gallons of water, fewer pounds of steam, fewer calories of heat. Less is more. Energy efficiency is a path to prosperity for homes, workplaces, cities. Smart integration of information systems with energy systems creates jobs, leading to a more sustainable economy. It's time to apply principles of collaborative consumption and the sharing economy to the challenges of using, producing and thinking about energy.