Strategies for a new energy paradigm

How will the electrification of everything power your future?

We help government and corporate leaders strategize about the changing world of energy. How we produce, consume, regulate and think about energy continue to impact organizations. A quickly emerging energy ecosystem is characterized by smart buildings, efficiency, sustainability, resilience, distributed power generation, electrification, the Internet of Things and more. We consult on technology and go-to-market strategies that improve energy productivity, reduce maintenance costs and enhance amenities for owners, managers and tenants of commercial buildings. Our research and advisory services help early stage software innovators and government agencies design, develop and deliver products and programs that enable smarter buildings and energy smart communities.

For software firms, we create and execute tech strategies to monetize smart sensors, smart controls, smart buildings and smart grids. We help energy-related startups and others to adapt to and navigate emerging energy technologies driven by the Internet, mobile, IoT technologies, mobile apps, the cloud, software as a service, big data and data science.

We will assess and improve your go-to-market strategy to provide a strategic technology roadmap that integrates your information systems strategy with opportunities in building automation, distributed power generation, CHP, energy storage, dynamic energy procurement, accounting, measurement and verification systems.

The bottom line: selecting and applying a mix of technologies and process improvements to minimize energy costs and maximize profits.

Our services include strategic research and advisory services, product design and testing, business development, grant proposals, RFP development or responses. We have expertise in application development, information architecture, competitive analysis, technology selection, change management, organizational design and innovation.

Drawing on our tech knowledge and an extensive partner network, we can advise you on maximizing value you bring to market and value you derive from the confluence of energy and technology. We design, develop and deliver great web services, mobile apps and user experiences.

Let our strategic research and advisory services become your strategic edge as you navigate the emerging landscape of energy-related technologies and smart systems. Let us help you leverage a new energy paradigm for your business success. We invite you to connect with us and learn more how we can help you succeed.